The sun is almost down

The sea shining from the sunset

And the moon is already coming up


I’m looking at the water

Smoothly and calm

The sound of the water is restful


Ships are coming by

Making their own waves

One bigger then the other


The waves curl over when they reach the beach

The sea is pulling back the water

While he pushes new waves towards the beach


I’m looking at the other side of the water

The lights going on, one by one

Until every building is lighted


The sea-gulls are floating on the water

Then fly away and lend on the sand

Searching for something to eat


The sun in my face

The wind through my hair

The sound of the birds and the sea


All my thoughts are gone

There’s nothing else I notice

I feel restful, peace


Suddenly I feel someone behind me

I hear someone breath

A hand, softly touching mine


A warm hand is holding mine

I don’t have to open my eyes

I know who it is


When I finally turn around

I’m looking in his big, bright eyes

And he smiles at me


He pulls me towards him

I lay my head on his shoulder

And he swaps his arms around me


Together we’re looking over the water

We feel the sun and the wind

And we hear the birds and the sea


I don’t only feel rest and peace anymore

But I’m incredibly happy

And I’ve never felt so save




Onderwerp: Perfect

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